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Make it Stand Out in Excel

Make it Stand Out in Excel

Every once in awhile, we all have data in MS Excel that just needs to be presented with some “oomph.” Am I right?

Do you like to use AutoShapes or text boxes to draw the reader’s attention to specific information?

Maybe you’d be interested to know that the two can be combined. That is, you can put cell data into a text box or AutoShape with a direct reference to the cell.

What’s so good about a reference to the cell, you ask?

Good question and I can think of very good answer. Since you reference the cell, you don’t have to retype the information and the cell reference will provide automatic updates as the data changes.

Happily, this merge of ideas can be done with very little work!

Poof! The data is now displayed inside the object. From here, it’s just a matter of formatting the text and business as usual!

~ April