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Make Mine Offline

Make Mine Offline

Did you know that you can make the contents of any Web site available to you offline? You know, be able to visit any site while you’re not connected to the Internet. That would be cool, wouldn’t it? It would save you from having to connect to the Internet all the time and it would just save on some general energy within your computer. If you’d like to learn more about this, come along with me!

You can use the offline feature in the Internet Explorer Web browser. IE will basically download the contents of the pages so they are available without any Internet connection.

Here is how you do it.

1.) Go to a Web page that you would like to make available offline. It can be any one.

2.) Click Favorites, Add to Favorites.

3.) In the Add Favorite dialogue box, checkmark the option that says “Make available offline” and click Customize.

4.) In the Offline Favorite Wizard dialogue box, click Next.

5.) Now, it will ask you if you want the links to other Web pages to be available as well. This will allow you to add any Web site to this list that you want. If you select the Yes checkbox, it will let you pick how many pages altogether that you want to be available. Pick how many links deep you want and then click Next.

6.) Next, it will ask you how you want to synchronize the page. In other words, how you want to update the offline content, since it can only be updated with the latest content while you are online. You may select “Only when I choose Synchronize from the Tools menu” or “I would like to create a new schedule.” Select the one you want, but for this tutorial, let’s pick the latter. Once you have clicked your choice, press Next again.

7.) You will then be asked when you would like the synchronization to occur. Pick how often you would like the content of your pages to be updated, along with what time of the day. You can also now give your schedule a name. You may checkmark the box that is available if you would like your computer to connect you to the Internet automatically at the scheduled time to get the update for the synchronization. For this tutorial, it will update everyday at 3:52 p.m., but only if the Internet is already connected. It will not automatically connect to the Internet to get the update. You can choose whichever way you’d like to do it though. When you’re finished, press Next.

8.) If the site you are making available offline requires a password, you can enter this password here so that when the synchronization takes place, it will know how to access the page(s). When you’re done, press Finish.

That will then download the contents and make the page(s) available offline.

Note: Another way of doing this is simply going to File, Save As and saving the current page. With this, however, only the current page can be saved and not any content on the linked pages.

You may also change the settings anytime by going to Favorites, Organize Favorites. Once the dialogue box opens, select your page from the list and choose Properties in the dialogue box. This will let you change such properties as the URL, shortcut key, the scheduling time (enabling or disabling) and the settings for the download of the page(s).

This is a really cool feature if you think about it. Give it a try for yourself and see what you think!

~ Arun Matharoo