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Make Your Blinking Cursor Bigger!

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Is your cursor a little too slender to see? Do you often times wish that it would eat a cheeseburger or two and gain a few pounds? Well, electronics typically don’t eat, so we’re going to have to go the traditional route, via the control panel!

For Windows Vista:

Go: Start>Control Panel>Ease of Access Center>Make the Computer Easier to See


Towards the bottom you’ll see an option to set the thickness of the blinking cursor. Just set it to the desired width and away you go!

If you’re using Windows 7:

Start>Control Panel>Ease of Access>Ease of Access Center>Make the Computer Easier to See

For Windows XP:

Go: Start>Control Panel>Accessibility Options. Choose the Display Tab and then under Cursor Options you can set your width.

Voila! Instant cursor weight gain!