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Make Your Own Characters

Do you have a company logo or symbol that you would love to use as a font character? Maybe you are from another planet and you want to send a letter home but don’t have your native alphabet. Whatever the case, you can do it with the XP Private Character Editor.

The PCE features basic tools to help you create up to 6,400 unique characters for use in your font library.


Creating Your Character

Go to Start/Run and type in “eudcedit” (without the quotes). You’ll notice a grid—click a box to select a spot for your new character to live. Click OK.

Another grid will appear where you can create your character. You have two options here:

1. Grab one of the tools in the tool bar (pencil, paintbrush, line tool, square, circle…) and free hand your character

2. Go to Edit/Copy Character and choose an existing letter or symbol to manipulate (this is great for company logos).

Let’s go with option #2 and create a fancy “W” for WorldStart…

First thing is to choose a font. To do this, click the “Font” button. You’ll be greeted by a list of fonts. As you click each one (or arrow down) you can see a sample. I liked one called “Tristan” so I clicked OK and all the letters for that font appeared.


I selected the “W” and it appeared in a box then I clicked OK again for it to appear in the editing grid.


I want to put a little “world” in the W so I grabbed the circle tool and drew it. next I took the pencil tool and filled in part of the circle.


Once done I clicked “Save character” and it saved it to the spot I selected in step one (E042).


Using Your Character

Open the program you want to use the private character in (for instance, MS Word).

Next, you’ll need to open the Character Map by going to Start/Run and typing in “charmap” (without the quotes).

In the Font list, click the font that is linked to the private characters you want to use. The font name will have “Private Characters” in parentheses. So, if you linked your private characters to Arial, click “Arial (Private Characters)”. If you linked your private characters to all fonts, click “All Fonts (Private Characters)”.

Click the private character you want to use, then “Select” and click “Copy”.

In your word processor or Notepad Ctrl+V to paste the character into the document. You may need to go to the Font menu and select the font that is linked to the private character you want to use before you can paste. This font should be the same font you selected in the character map.

I pasted my special W into Photoshop, made it white and filled in the background with blue to create this little logo for our RSS feed and favicon…


I hope that you find a use for this nifty little program.

~ David

David Samuel Thomas