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Making the Ruler Measure Up

Making the Ruler Measure Up

Did you know that MS Word comes with a built in ruler?


Well, it does if you’re using the Page / Print Layout view or the Normal view—and it’s pretty easy to access.

I find the Word ruler very helpful with layout decisions, setting tab stops and for making quick changes to paragraph settings.

To display Word’s ruler, simply use the View menu, Ruler choice.


Rulers appear.

If you use the Page / Print Layout view then you’ll see a ruler across the top and up the left side.

In the Normal view it’s visible across the top only.

OK, so now that we’ve got the ruler displayed, are you wishing it were in a different measurement?

I mean, I’m happy with the inches but would something else work better for you?

Yes? Well then you’re in luck, because you can change its measurements rather quickly—so let’s take a look.

The first thing you need to do is to go to the Tools menu, Options choice.

In the Options window you’re looking for the General tab.


On this tab you’re looking for the Measurement units field.

Use the pull down list to pick the type of ruler you’d like displayed.

Click OK.

And, just like magic, the ruler is useful to you. Imagine that!