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Making Windows 7 Easier To Read

If you’re finding it difficult to read things on your computer because they look too darn small on your screen, there’s a quick way to make things easier to see in Windows 7.  Open the Start Menu in the lower left and select Control Panel.


Then choose Appearance and Personalization.



Select the option to Make text and other items smaller or larger.


You’ll have the option to decide how much larger you’d like to make things. Making text larger can affect the display of some items. You might have difficulty getting everything to fit on a page.


You can choose from the presets of 125% or 150%.  This is how text would appear at the default setting of 100%.

This is the size the text  would appear if you changed the setting to 150%

You also have the option of selecting a custom size for text. You’ll find that to the far left of your screen.


You can select a size from the drop-down menu or drag your mouse along the ruler.


You will need to shut all of your programs and log off Windows for the changes to take effect.

Hope this makes things a little easier on the eyes. If you find you don’t like the larger display, just follow the steps again and change the setting back to 100%.

~ Cynthia