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Making XP resemble Vista/Windows 8

Trudy from AK asks:

The newer versions of Windows sure look cool – too bad I’m still on Windows XP. Is there any way to get the visual flair of a newer OS without the hassle of a new installation?

Yeah, Microsoft has already introduced Windows 7, and will introduce Windows 8 next year – but there is something about Windows Vista, 7’s predecessor. It is aesthetically more appealing to the eye than XP. The icons and images are more simplistic, adding to the beauty of the Vista interface. That is why there is good news for XP users who have not yet changed over. You can now download the Vista interface and transform your desktop without actually purchasing any new software. Two great sites to help you with the change are:

http://www.vistastartmenu.com [1]

Some of the features of Vista start menu are being able to change your start menu – which you can resize –  a program launcher, desktop search, power buttons, zooming in and out. Since this particular download does not change your system settings, you can install and remove it anytime you would like.

http://www.windowsxlive.net/vista-transformation-pack [2]

This free download allows you to change your boot screen, creates  new desktop and toolbar  icons, displays new wallpapers, gives you an upgraded sounds scheme, and much more. Be sure to look at previews of what your new interface will look like. You can also chat with others on the forum who have already gone through the transformation. And if you feel Vista is passé, and need a preview of Windows 8 before it’s launched in the middle of 2012, you could go from XP/Vista to Windows 8 with this download link (http://www.windowsxlive.net/windows-8-transformation-pack [3]).

~Zahid H Javali