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Malware Causes Plane Crash

So we talk a lot about malware here at WS. In most cases it’s a warning about new types of attacks or how to remove a specific type of bug or maybe a new program that helps to remove these nasty little pieces of software.

In any case, the worst situation that one could face when it comes to malware is getting their computer destroyed or having their identity stolen.

Well, not anymore…

It seems that malware has moved beyond it’s boundries and has caused a problem much worse than a broken computer. Malware has caused a fatal plane crash.

Here’s the details.

In 2008, a Spanair flight crashed shortly after takeoff. This crash happened because of a power failure to the take-off warning system. Just now, a full two years later, the investigation has determined that the system failed because the computer was infected with a Trojan Horse.

So, next time you get a virus and think the world is ending because your computer got messed up, just remember this story.