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Malware Threat Center

Recently, I found an awesome Web site that helps you stay up to date on security threats around the globe. The SRI International Malware Threat Center is a monitoring site that can tell you loads of information about the newest threats, where they’re coming from and who’s fighting against them.

If you have any interest in knowing what is going on with malware threats and growth, you can check out this site for all the information you will ever need. As you may recall, I wrote an articleawhile back about the number of viruses and malware on the Web today. Well, this Web site will give you the names of those threats and where they’re coming from in real time!

For those of you who are into more advanced protection, this site will also give you some detailed information about where the threats are coming from and which IP addresses you should block. Now, if you don’t get into that kind of advanced security, that’s okay too. This site will show you the most common domain names used for phishing and other attacks so that you can avoid them. There’s even a section that shows you which antivirus software is best for fighting the most current threats.

I think this Web site is a great tool for anyone out there who is concerned about their computer’s security. After all, being informed is one of the best ways to stay secure. You can check out the SRI International Malware Threat Center right here. Until next time, stay safe out there, my friends!