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Clear your Bing Search History

If you use Microsoft’s Bing as your primary search engine, here’s a tip you may have not known about. On the main page there is a list of options along the top for you to choose from, like Images, Videos, Shopping, etc. You’ll also see one called “Search History”. If you put your mouse pointer over it, a box will appear showing some of your recent searches. Just click on one and it will initiate that search again. From here, you can also clear your history or turn off this option altogether.

And while that’s pretty cool by itself, if you click on See all, you’ll be taken to a whole new page where you can further manage your previous Bing searches.

On this page, you can view searches per day or delete singular searches you no longer need. Bing even keeps a back catalog of your searches by month, so if you were looking for something back in October and can’t remember what it was, you can look for it here. That is, if you used Bing to search for it.

Browse over to Bing.com and give it a look. You’ll be surprised how handy this is!