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Manage Your Internet Explorer 8 Add-Ons

If you’ve noticed that Internet Explorer 8 isn’t loading as fast as you’d like, then here’s a quick tip that may help you gain some speed back. As it turns out, add-ons, like toolbars and browser extensions can slow not only the load time, but the overall performance of IE 8. The solution? Turn some of them off.

Here’s how:

Open Internet Explorer 8, and click Tool> Manage Add-ons. This Window will open up:


Now, under Add-on types, make sure Toolbars and Extensions is selected and scroll down the list of currently installed add-ons. You can even see how long it takes some extensions to load, using the info bar at the top.


Simply pick a toolbar or extension that you suspect is detracting from your speed and click the Disable button at the bottom.


If you’ve got more than one you want to disable, you can also select multiple items by holding the Ctrl key while you click. Simply select all you want disabled and hit Disable all.

Now restart IE 8 and see if you’re speedier!