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Managing Bulleted Lists

Use a lot of bulleted lists in MS PowerPoint? How about MS Word? Looking for quick ways to move items in your bulleted list without a cut / paste?

Or… maybe you’d like a way to promote and/or demote items in the list without all the extra work with the increase and decrease indent buttons.

Whatever your particular need, you’re sure to find something here that works for you!

First, for those who are most into using key combinations here’s just the thing you need for both Word and PowerPoint.

To demote an item one level in your list place the cursor somewhere in the item then use Alt + Shift + Right Arrow.

Need to move another level yet?

Then repeat the key combination (Alt + Shift + Right Arrow) to demote again.

And, yes, you guessed it… to promote something one level use Alt + Shift + Left Arrow. (And repeat to move up another level.)

In addition, it’s good to know that if you’re willing to be sure that the cursor is at the beginning of the item then you can use Tab to demote and Shift + Tab to promote. The emphasis here is that you need to have the cursor at the very left of the information – if it’s placed in the middle then you’ll just be inserting tabs into your work.

Now there’s also the dilemma of moving items up and down through the list. Again, place the cursor within the item to move. Now use Alt + Shift + Up or Down Arrow. Instantly the bulleted item begins to climb or drop down through the list without the need for a cut / paste.

Moving on to those of you who are more “mouse” inclined.

You too have some quick maneuvers at your disposal.

In PowerPoint you can run your mouse pointer over the bullet of the item to move until it becomes a 4-way arrow.

Once you have the arrow click and hold.

Now simply drag in the direction you need the item to move. Left or right will promote or demote and up or down will rearrange the list.

If you’re working in Word you won’t find that the pointer turns into a 4-way arrow. That shortcut doesn’t work. However, you can highlight the entire item and then do a drag and drop to relocate it in the list.

To demote (increase indent) or promote (decrease indent) the item in the list right click on it and select your choice from the menu.

And there you have it – quick ways to manage bulleted lists without a single toolbar button or menu in sight.

~ April