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Manually Install a Windows Update

John asks:

I have trouble with Windows Update no. KB978262, released in Feb. No updates have been installed since. Can you help?

Thanks for the question John. I hope the information below helps provide an answer. This question was a response to the article, Install a Stubborn Windows Update [1].

Manually installing a Windows Update begins at the Microsoft Technet Security [2] website  It should be noted that, while it’s not necessary to follow this process in Internet Explorer, this example is described in IE9. I tried it with both IE9 and Firefox, and the Microsoft site interface was slightly different in Firefox.

Once at the site, scroll down to the second section and click on the Search by KB article number tab.

pierce_manually_install_windows_updates_1 [3]

In the Knowledge base article number field, type the number of the stubborn update and click the Go button. I used John’s example (978262) for this demonstration.

This will bring up the Bulletin Description seen below. Click on the link shown.

pierce_manually_install_windows_updates_1a [4]

The following Affected Software page contains a list of systems affected by the update. Select and click the link for the correct operating system.

pierce_manually_install_windows_updates_2 [5]

In the Microsoft Download Center, verify the correct Update number and click the Download button.

pierce_manually_install_windows_updates_3 [6]

At this point, the download may either begin automatically or, depending on browser (IE, Firefox, etc.) settings, the download may have to be approved.

If the choice is made to either Open or Run (rather than Save) the file, the UAC (User Account Control) warning may appear. If so, just click the Continue button.

pierce_manually_install_windows_updates_5 [7]

The Windows Update Standalone Installer will begin the search process. If the update chosen is not the correct one for your system, expect to receive the message below.

pierce_manually_install_windows_updates_6 [8]

Due to the variety of causes of update installation problems, it’s likely that this won’t solve them all, but I’ve needed to do this several times and it’s worked every time for me. Afterwards, once the installation was complete, automatic updates [9] again began to install.