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Many Books

Many Books [1]

This Christmas, I noticed a trend among the gifts my friends and family received. A lot of them were now proud owners of a Kindle. So I got to thinking that they might need my help in finding great free e-books to put on their e-readers.

This site is the best of a ton of them that I looked at because the books are 100% free with no hidden membership costs. There is a donation option and that’s it. Not only that, but you can download and read books on your computer, if you don’t have an e-reader.

There are many ways to navigate. You can search by Authors, Titles, Genres, Languages, New Titles, and Recommendations.

You can also browse through covers via the main page. Even if you don’t have an e-reader, I’d recommend checking out the covers section. There are so many interesting covers that I couldn’t help myself and browsed through them for about fifteen minutes. I love looking at old book covers!

Once you’ve decided on a book, you’ll find on its page: publishing information, an excerpt from the book, and any user reviews for that title. To download the book, look for the download dropdown box on the book’s page, and then select the format for your e-reader. Then click the download button to start the download. Choose save when you’re given the option and make sure you save all your e-books to one location so that they are easy to find. If you don’t have an e-reader make sure you pick HTML, so that you can download books you can read on your computer.

Another fantastic option at this site is that of registration. It is completely optional, but if you decide to register, you can keep track of which books you’ve read. It allows you to leave reviews, and even keep track of books you want to read!

Registration is easy – just fill out the form with: a username, your full name, and an e-mail address. Then click the registration button, and follow the directions to log in.

This site is full of awesome books, just waiting for you to read them. Check it out today!

http://manybooks.net/ [1]