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Map Fight

Sometimes I just need to visit a site that is a little silly! This time I found Map Fight which is both silly and slightly educational. 

Have you ever wondered comparatively how big places around the world were to each other? I have. One of the thing that often comes up in my history classes are phrases like Ireland is roughly the size of Ohio. Actually, Ohio is 1.65 times as large as Ireland. 

Want to know how I found that out? Well I used Map Fight! It’s very easy to use. Just pick a location from each of the drop down lists and then click the Compare button. 

This will pop up the basic shape of what you’ve selected and paste it over the other shape. You’ll be able to see visually which is larger as well as get the actual data for each place’s size. So slightly educational, yet surprisingly fun. 

You can set up matches between your favorite places and then let them rumble! 

http://mapfight.appspot.com/ [1]