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The first video game I ever played was Nintendo’s Super Mario Bros. I have loved video games ever since, although that game has a particular place in my heart. In a moment of nostalgic whimsy, I was searching for information on the Super Mario Bros. series and I discovered this game!

It is classic Super Mario Bros + puzzle solving ala Portal! As a fan of both games, how could I not download it? Did I mention it’s free? Did I mention that you can play it with up to four people? Did I mention it’s available for Windows, Linux, OSX, and Source?  Well now I have!

If you love either Super Mario Bros. or Portal, I feel like this is a must download and try out game! I downloaded it and played it all night. It was the game I loved with a new Portal twist that kept me coming back for more.

Not sure if it is for you? Well then click on the video and watch the game play in action!

To download the game click the button with your computer’s operating system on it. For me that was Windows. Save the .zip file somewhere you can find it. I usually stick them on my desktop. Unzip the file and click MariO_1.6 to run the game.  

The game will load and you’ll be able to select from playing or using the level editor to create your own levels. I’d suggest that you play through it some before you start making your own levels so that you get a feel for how everything works.

Enjoy the game and happy puzzle solving!

http://stabyourself.net/mari0/#download [1]