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Market with Twitter Apps

Market With Twitter Apps

Twitter is fast becoming an essential business tool to self promote and market your ideas and products in a quick and fun fashion. In messages of less than 140 words, companies can engage their audience to enhance their business. The following web tools are helpful in organizing your campaign and making full use of Twitter. By using these applications, businesses are already ahead of their competition as they are getting much more reliable and timely feedback to their product or brand. Followers also feel that the business is in with the times and is easily accessible.

1.Twellow (
http://www.twellow.com/), which is being touted as the “Yellow Pages” directory of Twitter, allows you to access all public accounts. For marketing, this is wonderful as there is a search option where you can narrow down your audience and really target those people that would be most interested in your product and services. You can filter your searches by interest and location. Some categories include arts, automotive, food, entertainment, science, recreation, and tons more. Twellow will let you organize your followers list by showing a public profile with a sample tweet, the total number of followers, and some information. When you register for free, you can add links to other social media profiles, create an extended bio, and easily follow other Tweeters. Current stats on the website show that there are 2.39 billion followers and 16.4 million Twitter profiles. It opens up a whole world of people that your business may never have been able to access before.

2. Tweet Later (http://www.socialoomph.com/) is an auto-responder for Twitter. For those of us who just cannot find time to get on Twitter as much as we’d like, it allows us to set up tweets in advance. Businesses can set up pre-scheduled messages such as welcome and thank you replies to new followers or birthday greetings to add the personal touch. Say, for example, that you want to post a ton of links relevant to your business but don’t want to spam your followers. You can schedule to sporadically send out the links, so you don’t have to waste your time. The application will do it for you. This is a multi function application that makes better use of Twitter for marketing.

3. Twitbeep (http://www.tweetbeep.com/) is a great tool to measure the effectiveness of your campaign and its reach. This allows you to keep track of conversations that mention you, your products, your company, @ replies, @ mentions in hourly updates. Similar to Google Alerts for Twitter, it’s great management so that you can understand your online reputation. Users feel it takes Twitter to a newer level for them as it allows you to make sure you are not losing anything in conversation.

4. TwitThis service (http://twitthis.com/) is similar to StumbleUpon where you can use it to enable your followers to send a link to your webpage with a description to all of their followers. You can also take advantage of their Suggested Users program where you earn and pay TwitPoints to gain access to a lot more followers that would be interested in you.

5. TwitPwr (http://www.twitpwr.com/) is a service similar to TinYurl. This free tool makes shortened URLs, which are friendlier with twitter tweets. This service offers to track and rank all twitter accounts. Great for businesses because when the follower uses the TwitPwr short URL service, the application tracks the number of clicks that you derive through the Twitter API and your account gets a Power Rating. This allows businesses to understand how much unique traffic their accounts are generating and how many referrals you are getting from other Twitter users.

6. Tweetlevel (http://tweetlevel.edelman.com/) is a free tool that assesses the importance of a user on twitter. Again, great for businesses to measure if what they are doing is going in the right direction or they need to change their tactic. When you get your score, the website calculates how influential you are using two parameters – are you saying something interesting and would people want to read it. It also measures how many people are following you and engaged, and how active you are in the community. The last is how much they trust you and have built a relationship with you. This tool will help you measure the effectiveness of your twitter marketing campaign.

The marketing potential of twitter is endless. Being able to be so selective about your target audience has never been so easier with people getting information within seconds about your business. Twitter’s own audience is quite young and tech-savvy, so you are speaking to a narrower population, which can work wonders for some. These applications allow you to get the full use of Twitter’s potential to spread the word about your business. Try them. One by one.

~Zahid Javali