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Marketing Your Web Site II

There are many strategies you can employ to help your Web site gain more traffic. One of the easiest and most effective marketing strategies that is sure to get your website noticed is having people watch something that they will truly enjoy. Almost every person who has ever been on the Internet knows about YouTube.com, Revver Video and other social media video sites. These sites have an average of 41 Million views per hour and if you can get even 1 percent of that in a day, your Web site is going to be very popular. It’s like promoting your Web site in the middle of a shopping mall, they are the perfect medium to direct traffic to your Web site if you are able to gain their interest and earn their trust.


Why are YouTube and Revver Video so popular? It’s simple; people have fallen into a relaxed way of life and it demands very little from a person to watch a video. One search, one click, and they are good to go. The people in this generation, especially younger people, have conditioned themselves into learning the easier way. Older generations relied on books and other print materials to learn, but students now prefer to watch rather than read. The combination of sight and sound is the perfect mix to make learning much easier and faster. For example, a book that would normally take four hours to read by most can be turned into a 30 minute video containing the same information. Additionally, the watcher will not be as tired as the reader and can even multitask while watching the video. How does it work? You have two options.

Create Your Own

A simple yet informative video that is relevant to your product or service is normally the way to go. A concise but interesting “how to” is the most preferred material on the Internet today. Therefore, a short instructional video on the benefits related to your product or service will be the best choice for a starter video. You can then make sequels or, better yet, inform the viewer that the video they are watching is part of a series so that they will be eager to watch your next video.

Tie into Something Popular

A really good way to increase your number of viewers is to tie into something popular. You can do a little research to find out what videos most people are searching for on the Internet and upload a similar one of your own — the YouTube home page, YouTube.com, is a good starting place. With this type of video you need to make sure that you have upload rights so avoid videos that are too controversial, like Britney Spears falling off the stage or Michael Jackson’s wake. Stick with popular videos like paranormal, funny, and blooper videos. Any video that you deem will be interesting to your market is a good candidate.

Make it Work for You
Uploading videos, no matter how many, will not in and of itself help drive traffic to your Web site. Make sure you stamp your video with a link going back to your website — a “freeze pane” at the end of the video showing your URL is the best way to catch attention. Then there is the matter of asking the viewers to actually click the link or visit your website so a short call to action like “To learn more…” or “To view the full video…” can get them to visit your site. This simple process will get traffic flowing into your Web site with little effort. With the ease of uploading and proper tagging you will be able to give your Web site, your ideas, even your products or services to more than a billion possible viewers everyday.

Not good at narrating, or shooting videos? Unsure how to tie into what’s hot? You can hire a freelance Voice Talent, Videographer, and Social Media Marketer to do it for you or have a look at the highly effective technique for marketing your website in my next article “Marketing Your Web Site III”.

~Cory Buford