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MS Excel: Unhide Column A or Row 1

If you’re an Excel user who tends to use the Hide feature for columns and rows, then you’ve probably run into this problem a time or two.

When you chose to hide either Column A or Row 1 were you able to get it back?

It can be quite tricky since we usually highlight the column or row on each side of the hidden one and then right-click and choose Unhide.

But when it’s the first column (or row) what do you do? How do you highlight the column to the left of column A?

In fact this scenario is more than tricky if you don’t what to do… it can be completely frustrating, even infuriating if you fight with it long enough.

While I’m sure that there are many solutions to this dilemma I’d like to present two of them today.

Let’s start with the concept of highlighting two columns (or rows).

I know that if column A is hidden then you don’t officially have a column on the left to highlight but the column of row numbers will do.


Start by highlighting column B and then drag your mouse pointer left above the 1.

Once they’re both highlighted then right-click on the selection and choose Unhide.

The second method I’d like to discuss requires some finesse with your mouse but is quick and clean if you’ve got a steady hand.

Instead of highlighting entire columns simply place your mouse pointer between the header for column B and the column of row numbers.

Usually at the borders of column headers we get a double arrowed pointer something like this:


But the one we should get at the juncture of two headings where a column is hidden is different. It’s more like this one with two vertical lines and a gap between the two halves:


Once you have the pointer right-click and then choose Unhide from the menu. (Yes – this one works with any hidden column or row so if you’re good at it you might have just found your new favorite trick for all your unhides.)

Either way – you’ll immediately be pleased to see your column or row unhidden without a lot of fuss and aggravation.