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Welcome to MathMovesU, an interactive site dedicated to helping middle school students get involved with math and science through games, contests, and events.  Not only do they offer a great platform to make learning fun, but they also offer scholarships and tutoring.

When you arrive at the site it will play an introductory video explaining what the site is all about and all they have to offer. At the end of the video the navigational menu will appear.  You can either use the interactive menu or you can use the red navigation buttons underneath that to navigate.  Two sections that are going to be important to kids coming to the site to learn math are:

The Sum of All Thrills – is an interactive game experience where students will learn how math and science go into the creation of thrill rides like roller coasters. It also allows them to replay the ride they create in the game, and experience the Innovations experience.

MathMovesU Games – here they will discover math through games that center on music, sports, fashion, and travel. These categories help students learn that math is in the world all around them.

Underneath those red menu buttons you’ll find a listing of what is in each category. This makes it easy to find scholarship information, as well as explore the initiatives and partnerships that are linked to this site.

Check it out today!

http://www.mathmovesu.com/#/home [1]