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Even though you may not want to, I’m sure you can guess by the title that this tip is going to be about a type of Trojan virus that is making its rounds these days. This Trojan actually made its debut in December of 2006, but it’s still causing a lot of problems, so I thought I would inform you all about it today. The full name of this one is Win32.Trojan.MatrixHasYou and it is found specifically in the Ad-Aware SE adware removal program.

By definition, the MatrixHasYou Trojan is a set of downloaders, mail spam bots, rootkits, fake alerts and desktop hijackers. So, if you’re having any trouble with your computer freezing up or if certain things are multiplying themselves, you may be under the attack of the MatrixHasYou virus. Also, keep in mind that this one does come with the risk of downloading other malware, such as Pesttrap.

To get rid of this, be sure to run your Ad-Aware scans and always update your definitions when you do so. Updates are always readily available for Ad-Aware SE and those should help take care of it. Now, if you’re still having trouble with this after you do all of that, there is some information online that may help you in getting this threat off your computer. Just search for it by name with your favorite search engine and that should answer all of your questions. I just wanted to give you some basic information about it first so you could prepare yourself. Hope you find this helpful!

~ Erin