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Maximize It Already!

When you open your Web browser, does it sometimes open in a smaller window than you’d like? If that happens, are you constantly going up to the Maximize button and making the screen larger? It’s happened to me before and let me tell you, it gets old real quick. So, what can you do about it? Well, allow me to give you a couple options. Read on!

In Internet Explorer, open a new window and for now, make sure it’s a smaller size than you actually want it to be. Then go to each corner and use your mouse to drag the sides out to a size you prefer. Just drag the window until it fills your screen. (Don’t use the Maximize button for this one). When you’ve found a size that suits you, close the window. Now, whenever you open a new window in IE, it will appear as the full size you’ve been waiting for. How cool is that?!

Here’s another rule you can go by: If you’re using several browser windows at once, whenever you close the very last one, make sure it’s in its maximized size. Internet Explorer works through the last window you close. So, if you closed a window that was at the right size for you, the next one you open will be that same size too. Either way you choose to go, you’re guaranteed to always have a full screen browser.

~ Erin