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Media Coder

Media Coder

This week’s download is a little specific and a little bit of a more involved program. It’s called Media Coder and what it does, is allow users to convert video/audio formats to other formats for specific reasons. For example, to play on your iPod or PSP. This process is called transcoding and if you like to dabble in video/audio editing, this might be a very useful tool for you.

Sometimes, the video format you have for a particular file is not compatible with certain devices that you wish to view it in, such as your DVD player in the living room, for example. Well, that’s when Media Coder steps in. It allows you to take one format, such as an AVI file, for instance and convert it into another, such as an MPG4. This is just the tip of the ice burg though. There is an unbelievable set of options and settings that you can configure, allowing you to better tailor your output file to exactly what you need.

File types for specific devices:

Media Coder has many different settings as well. In fact, they can easily get lost in the sheer number of options available. The creator makes the point that this program may be best suited for those with a little more experience with the whole world of transcoding. But, you have to start somewhere and this program has tons of resources to get you up to speed. Also, it’s 100 percent free! So, after a few shots at conversions and ripping, it will be apparent that Media Coder is as complicated as you make it out to be. On Media Coder’s Web site, you will find a useful set of FAQs [1] and an active forum, full of great threads and stickeys. Media Coder even has its own user guide.

Media Coder features include:

Typical Applications

Like I said before, there is a definite niche market for this program, but if you have been looking for something that can dynamically and flexibly convert your media files from one format to another, one at a time or in a huge batch form, it may benefit you to take a closer look at Media Coder.

You can download Media Coder here and take a look at the world of transcoding. Have some fun!

~ Chad Stelnicki