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Media Player Sidebar Gadgets

Everybody loves their media player, right? Having all of your music at your fingertips instead of having to dig out a CD… you gotta love it.

So how convenient would it be to have a media player that lived on your desktop? Well, with media player gadgets for your windows sidebar, you can do just that.

For instance, you might choose the Kris Mediaplayer Pro.


This player features drag and drop functionality and WMP visualizations, but includes six skins for display, as well as the option to view music video stations. From the channel selector, you’ll find five music video stations and sixty-six music channels, featuring everything from country; fifties and sixties; rock to hardcore and indie; and everything in between.

I did notice some drawbacks to this player, however. For instance, when I was playing with the options and reduced it to mini-player size, I couldn’t find an option to restore it without closing and restarting it. The video screen in normal mode is about an inch in any direction. If you put it up to maxi-player mode, it goes up to about two by three inches. Also, when you’re streaming videos, the controls are very slow to respond.

If you’re a tree-hugging nature-lover like me, you might enjoy the Media Player and Nature Cams.


Although there is no drag-and-drop feature on this player, the player’s options do give you a browse function for video, audio and playlists.

The big selling points of this player, though, are the twenty live nature cams that you can choose from to watch while your music is playing. The one that’s on the screenshot, for instance, is California’s Monterey Bay. When you right-click on a playing cam, you get a plethora of options including frame rate and border color.

If you like your media players small and simple, you might enjoy Imp’s Media Player [1].


This small, simple player includes drag-and-drop functionality and shows either the album artwork or WMP visualizations if there is no artwork. When you mouse over the player, it superimposes the album title, song title and artist on the screen.

Finally, we have the aptly-titled Sidebar Player.


This player features the same basic functionality as the nature cam media player, with different feeds. This player includes twelve feeds including the Weather Channel, Bloomberg TV and my personal favorite, NASA TV.

Now you can enjoy your media on your desktop like never before.

~Randal Schaffer