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Memoir Café

This is an interesting site full of writing from ordinary women. As always I checked the FAQ section and I was bitterly disappointed when I found that you had to be a member and that it cost money in order to post. I was almost ready to toss this into the do not write up pile, but then I started reading the stories and it changed my mind.

In spite of the money they want you to pay to write, you can read for free. So what can you read about that would have me moved enough to tell you about? Well to be honest, for me it was “Stephanie’s Drawer” where I read about 17 years of her life filtered through experiencing her cat. Stephanie is the founder and tutor of Memoir Café.

But you can read about: the natural world, the civilized world, family and private life, working life, the world of things, culture and tradition, life with women, life with men, food, the spiritual life, harsh times, and more.

Each section of writing has tons of stories for you to read. They come from all walks of life, in all styles of writing. There is enough reading to keep you busy here for days, and I found myself moved by these stories. There were some that were so vivid it was as though I had lived them.

All in all a really, really cool read.

http://www.memoircafe.com/ [1]