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Memory Card Readers

If you have a digital camera, cellphone or other device that uses memory cards then you’ve probably used or heard of a memory card reader before. A memory card reader is a device in which you insert an applicable card to transfer pictures, music and what-have-you over to your computer and vice versa. Some of the newer computers come with memory card readers built-in, but the most common form factor is the standard little box connected via a usb cable.

So how does one go about using one of these handy-dandy devices? Let’s explore, shall we?

First things first, we need to hook the card reader to our computer. Look at the front of your PC, do you see anything that looks like this? If not, it might be on the back. You’ll have to stretch!


This USB port is where we’ll be plugging in our card reader device. Do that now, if you’re ready.

Once you plug the device in, your computer should make some noises, which, if you’re running Windows XP or Windows Vista, is perfectly normal. The bleeps and bloops simply mean that it’s installing drivers. If you still happen to be running Windows 98, stop now and upgrade already!

Next, you can go ahead and remove the memory card in question from your camera or other device and insert it into the appropriate sized port in your card reader. Different card readers have different slot sizes, but if it fits securely, chances are that it will work. The most common size is SD and Mini SD, so keep that in mind when looking to purchase a reader.

After inserting your card into the card reader you’ll see a window pop up that looks similar to this:


Choose the option that says ” Open Folder to View Files“. This will give you access to all of the pictures, music or what-have-you that’s stored on your card.


After that, it’s pretty self explanatory. Just cut or copy the files you want and paste into a folder on your computer.

When you’re done, simply unplug the card reader from your computer, pull the card out of the reader and slip it back into the device you were using! Ta’da!