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Memory Cards: Fake vs. Real

Memory Cards: Fake vs. Real

As fake memory cards have now proliferated throughout the marketplace, it is very important to know how to spot a fake card when it comes down to it. So, today we’re going to go over some methods you can use to spot fake memory cards and I will also show you some examples of what they look like. Let’s get started!

Why You Should Care

1.) Inferior quality card – You’re not getting what you paid for.

2.) No warranty – When the card fails, you’re out of luck.

3.) Fake memory cards sometimes have invalid partition sizes, making it likely to fail on a regular basis.

4.) It will drive up costs of genuine memory cards.

Spotting a Fake

Unfortunately, there is no software available that will test the card to ensure that it’s genuine, so you must manually scrutinize your card (both visually and by testing its performance) to get some idea of how genuine it really is.

Presentation Quality and Differences

Here’s an example of a fake and a real 1 GB Sandisk SD Card:

This particular card is also missing a notch, which makes it quite easy to spot:

Here’s an example of a fake 2 GB Sandisk CF Card:

Note the faded red print on the back and the “TM” next to the “CF” on the top right side on the fake card:

Also, there is no serial number on the bottom of the fake card (the serial number is blurred on the real one):

Take note that the fake box has no hologram on it:

Here’s another example of a Sandisk 2 GB CF card. See the poor print and alignment of the label?

Note the poor quality workmanship on the edge of this one, as well as, the print quality and the alignment of the text:

The SanDisk card manual was different from the real one too (note that the manual on the right hand side is from a Sandisk Ultra II, whereas the manual on the left side is for a flash memory card):

Below is a picture of a fake Sony Pro Duo 2 GB card. Notice that the fake card has poor quality printing and it does not have the same various extrusions and intrusions as the genuine card. With the number of lips and dips on the genuine card, it’s not difficult to spot the fake card:

When it comes to this kind of thing, you can never be too safe and now you know exactly what to look for when you’re shopping for memory cards for your digital camera. Oh yeah!

~ Zahid H. Javali