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Memrise – Vocabulary Learning and Memorable Dictionary

I’m always thrilled when I find a new site to help me improve my French. Here at Memrise you can not only pick from an assortment of languages to learn vocabulary from, but they also have one devoted to SAT words! You can even demo Memrise before you sign up for your Free Account.

Before you dive in and try the demo, check out the information on the main page. You’ll find information on the Science behind Memrise and how it functions as a game to keep you motivated. Next I suggest doing the demo. You can select the Mandarin or click Choose Another Language. I did the French one since that is what I’m interested in using.

Once you’ve selected a language to demo, you’ll see a list of words that you could learn. There are two buttons to pay attention to: More Learning Options, and Learn. Pay no attention to the More Learning Options button right now, it isn’t useful until you’ve done one round of the demo.

To begin the demo click Learn. The demo will walk you through planting seeds (words) into your garden (vocabulary) and you’ll go through a very basic version of what Memrise offers. You could sign up now, but I’d recommend that you click the name of the demo you’re using (in my case, I’ll click French Demo near the top of the page), and go through the demo again. This time, you’ll notice the Learn button is gone, but now there are navigational tabs, and that the More Learning Options button has meaning!

If you click the More Learning Options button now, you can select how you learn the vocabulary words and what words are to be included in your tasks. The tabs that have appeared are Seeds, Greenhouse, and Garden. The Seeds tab will show you which new seeds (words) you have to plant in your garden. If you click Plant you’ll go through the learn part of the game again, and learn the words that you had as seeds. The Greenhouse shows you what words are already growing. The Garden will show you what plants you have grown. The more times you correctly answer the question, the more your plants will grow.

By now you should have played enough to decide if you want to sign up and continue learning, although you can continue your demo, by clicking the title like I suggested before. You can either sign up using your Facebook account, or you can sign up for a Memrise account. Choose which you would like to do, I chose Facebook because it was easier and I could compete against my friends. To create a Memrise account, click the Sign Up button on the main page, or when  it is presented to you in the demo. Fill out the form by creating a user name and password, and providing a working e-mail address.

Now that you’re signed in you can continue growing your garden, and your progress will be saved. If you decide to take a break and come back and want to play some more, click that More Learning Options button, and then Learn. It will take you right back into your game. My favorite part is when they give you the definition and then you have to type the word in the language you’re studying. It shows you how much you know, and what you need to work on and haven’t created a spot for in your long term memory.

Another neat feature you have access to once you’ve created an account is the Dashboard. You’ll find it at the top of the page when you’re visiting your garden. Click it, and you’ll be whisked away to the Dashboard where you can see what you’re currently practicing, and be given the option to create your own vocabulary list to practice, or to add specific words to what you are already studying.

This is a great way to improve your vocabulary in a language you are learning, or to prepare for the SAT exam. Check it out today!