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Menu Uninstaller does it the Right (click) Way

Here’s the scenario: Dan is going through his start menu, when he comes across some applications that he doesn’t use...ever! He decides to uninstall them, but since he’s too lazy to navigate all the way to the Add/Remove Programs window, He leaves it for another day and moves on.

Does this story sound Familiar?

For people who like to try out a wide range of apps, there’s nothing more annoying than constant trips to the Add/Remove Programs window. Not only does the process involve too many clicks, it’s also presented in an unfriendly format and most of the time doesn’t list all the programs that are installed on your machine.

The second conventional way to Uninstall a program is to locate the ‘uninstall.exe’ for that particular program, however that often is an even more tedious process. Well, what if I told you that you could install any program just by right clicking on its icon ? Follow along…

First of all you will need to install Menu Uninstaller. This little program is godsend for all windows users. It does just one simple thing: it puts the “Uninstall” option in the right click context menu. This means that you can right click on any shortcut or program icon, select uninstall and bingo the software is gone!

How handy is this? Give it a try right this moment! Go through your software list and uninstall any apps that you don’t use. Not only will you free up valuable Disk space, your system will run much smoother because of it .

 Now you have no more excuses for cluttering up your machine.Go here to download [1] the Free Menu Uninstaller

~ Yogesh