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Merge but Don’t Center in MS Excel

As any regular user of MS Excel can tell you, the Merge & Center command is truly a handy feature.

It allows you to select multiple cells then by using the command the cells are merged into one large cell and the cell contents are center justified.

I love it – makes for easy table titles centered above all the columns of data and sometimes I find it an invaluable tool for forcing unusual spacing in worksheet layouts.

With that said, I also must then admit that on more than one occasion I’ve wanted cells merged but the contents to be left justified.

To accomplish this I had to first do the Merge & Center then I had to turn around and set the left justification.

It’s not really a lot to accomplish but today I’d like to point out that starting with Excel 2007 we have an even more efficient way to merge without centering.

The obvious beginning is to highlight the cells to be merged.

Next on the Home tab of the Ribbon you’ll need to locate the Merge & Center button – but DO NOT click it!

Instead, click the down arrow on the right side of the Merge & Center button.


From the list that opens choose Merge Across.

And that’s it.

Your cells are merged, same as always, but yet not the same since the justification was left alone.