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Message Board Stickies

Message Board Stickies

Just out of curiosity, how many of you use WorldStart’s message board? I know there are quite a few of you out there, because a lot of you e-mail me and tell me how much the message board has helped you with your computer problems and I know several of you use it by referral from me as well. So, when you’re using it, do you ever run into a sticky message? If you’re not sure what I’m talking about, keep reading and you’ll find out!

A lot of message boards these days use a configuration where the last message posted or the one that was most recently responded to is automatically placed at the top of the list. While that method is good in some ways, if there are a lot of people posting new threads every few seconds, the messages can get moved around rather quickly. As a result, a lot of the posts are pushed down to the bottom of the page or taken off the front page completely. Therefore, a lot of the important messages are missed. That’s when a sticky comes in handy!

Message board stickies are used to keep the most important posts organized and easily accessible. If there’s a message that everyone needs to see, the poster can pin it to the top of the page so that it doesn’t get moved around. Most stickies are posted by the administrator of the message board for special announcements, forum rules and FAQs. So, if you’re a new message board user, you should check out the stickies first. They’re always located at the top of the page and they always contain very important information. Steve posts stickies on our message board all the time, so be on the look out for them. You never know what he might have to say!

~ Erin