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Metallic Fonts in PowerPoint

When you’re working in PowerPoint there’s a whole lot you can do with font… a lot of color choices, shadowing, rotation… basically the works.

But, if you look through all those easy settings you won’t really see anything metallic…do you?

No, me either but fortunately I did run across a blog that contains a download of a PowerPoint slide that contains text with effects to create the following:


If you’d like to have access to metallic fonts settings then head on over to The PowerPoint® Blog and download the sample slide you see above.

Once you’ve got it you can copy and paste the text box anywhere. You can even change some of the settings without losing the metallic look… I especially like changing the color but we all have our own personal preferences.

Any way you look at it, if you put together a lot of presentations and are a bit tired of the same old ideas then this one little slide might be what you need to give your creative process a little extra energy.