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Microsoft at CES 2010

This year, when walking into CES, the first thing you see is Microsoft. The Microsoft “booth” was the size of a small warehouse showing off all of their new technology that will be front and center this year. Since there was so much of it, I decided to cover many of the technologies that MS showed off this year.

Microsoft Surface
MS Surface is just what is sounds like; its a flat interactive surface. You can touch it and move things (checkers above), you can even interact with it. MS is currently developing some intersting uses for surface, one of which would allow you to set your digital camera on the surface and immediately see the pictures.

Microsoft Mediaroom
MS Mediaroom technology is probably my favorite thing that Microsoft is cooking up. One of the things that I can’t stand is the lack of connection between computer, TV and internet. Well, Mediaroom is aiming to end all that. Mediaroom technology is a way for on demand content like movies and tv shows to get to your TV, computer and phone all with just an internet connection. When this is paired with windows media center, it allows for all of your personal media to be shared with everything you own. Finally, connectivity that works!

Microsoft Auto
MS is coming full force into the automotive industry. With 15 cars on display at CES, they have plenty to show. These vehicles have enabled touch screens that control everythign from radio and climate controls to GPS navigation and entertainment. Many including voice command controls for selecting music from the MS Zune media player.