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Microsoft Calendar Printing Assistant

OK – So while I’m on the “good downloads” trend let’s talk about one I recently ran across for Outlook 2007.

Specifically, let’s talk about printing an Outlook 2007 calendar.

If you’re like me, you don’t carry around a planner or some portable electronic device that has your calendar on it but yet you find yourself sitting in meetings wondering if what your schedule looks like next week.

It’s a pain, I agree.

So I’ve gone into Outlook and printed the correct calendar to take with me.

For me it’s a good idea that seems to work. I always have a current calendar and only have to carry it when I want to.

Although… I can honestly say that sometimes I’d like a bit more flexibility in how the printed version looks and what it contains.

So, as you can imagine, I was pleased to run across the Microsoft Calendar Printing Assistant for Outlook 2007 [1].

Yep – that’s right, it’s from Microsoft and it’s available right from their download center.

It’s a separate program that pulls the calendar information from Outlook and then offers a huge variety of templates for calendar printing. You’ll find different day, week, month and year layouts along with extras galore.


Once I found it I could see a lot of possibilities for my own uses – a few in areas I hadn’t even considered using Outlook to help with.

If you’re interested then take a look, maybe you’ll find that Outlook 2007 can do more for you too.