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Microsoft Chip In: Ask Friends & Family To Pay For Your PC

Microsoft has a new program that allows students to ask friends and family to chip in and buy them a new PC. The company is dubbing it a “student PC crowdsourcing program.”

On a side note, asking people to buy you things is now called “crowdsourcing.” When I got married, I “crowdsourced” eight place settings of china from my friends and family. 

Seriously, Chip In is an easy way to help gift a kid headed off for college with a computer for school and Microsoft will even chip in 10% of the price on select PCs. Of course those computers are Windows 8 PCs and tablets selected by Microsoft.

The first 10,000 students to fully fund their computers will also get a four-year subscription to Office 365 University.

Students can sign up for the chip in program here [1].   They can choose from 15 devices, an assortment of laptops, all-in-ones and tablet computers.


You select your chosen device and then log in to set up an account. Then you can ask friends and family to chip in via social media or e-mail. The contributions can be in any amount up to the total cost of the computer. When you raise enough funds, you’ll receive a code for your new Windows PC or Tablet.

Kristina Libby, head of Consumer Communications for Windows. “With Chip In from Microsoft, students can leverage the power of their social networks to help them get a new PC and Office 365 University this back-to-school season.”

Once the student has received the computer, he or she will be just like the smiling girl in Microsoft’s publicity photo below. The one who has taken her brand new computer into the kitchen and put it right down beside where her mother is slicing up vegetables that are spewing liquid everywhere. Kid, I didn’t chip in on that computer for you to get cucumber juice all over it!

The program could give a boost to lagging Window 8 PC sales and tablets featuring the struggling Windows RT operating system are among those eligible for the program.

Chip In runs through September 1, 2013. Students must have a valid .edu email address or documentation to prove enrollment in a university or accredited institution.

~ Cynthia