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Microsoft E-mail – Can I Unsync Computer From Phone?

Gerald from Portland Oregon writes:

My question concerns MSN e-mail. I check my email on my Samsung Galaxy S3, and also on my iPad. If I read it, or delete it on either the smartphone or iPad it seems to erase it from the desktop, Is there a function on the desktop that precludes the email account from being affected on the desktop?

If you are accessing Outlook.com with your browser, your e-mail really isn’t on your desktop.  Your Outlook.com account is in the cloud. You’re just accessing it from the desktop, the same way you access it with your phone or tablet.  If you delete an e-mail from Outlook.com using your phone, it’s going to show up as deleted on your tablet and desktop.

 If you are using an e-mail client on your phone or desktop, you can unsync from your web-based mail account. You would need to create a POP e-mail set-up on your computer and on your phone as opposed to an IMAP.  Check out this article [1] for details on setting up an e-mail account on Android.

~ Cynthia