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Microsoft “Fix It”

Today, while in the midst of my usual research into all thing MS Office I happened upon a part of the Microsoft Help and Support site that I had never seen before. (OK – so maybe it has been there since early this year – more research – but I didn’t notice it until today so now that I know, I thought I’d pass it on…)

Anyway, I ended up at Help and Support Home Page [1] (once again) and noticed something with a lot of potential in the list of links on the left side.


See it?

Upon reading “Microsoft Fix It” I naturally had to investigate… fix what? How? Do I fix it or does Microsoft?

At this point my curiosity took over and I clicked the link to investigate.

I found myself looking at the Microsoft Fix It Solution Center.


This particular solution center offers not just instructions on how to fix common problems but an automated solution choice as well.

Yep… that means that if it’s a problem in the lists the product links on the left produce then there’s a fix to run.

Good news… less frustration trying to follow annoying directions taking us into realms of the program that we never wished to visit!

Bad news… there’s no way for absolutely every problem that may ever occur to be listed.

But hey, I’d certainly take the time to look here before trying more frustrating routes to correct computer issues.

~ April