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Microsoft Messenger Going Away, Welcome Skype

Scott from Souza writes:

Yesterday Microsoft Messenger sent me an email telling me I had to “update to Skype” or lose my account. I assume, therefore, that I will also lose my Hotmail account and everything in it. I’m concerned that Skype is a social networking service (none of which I trust for security reasons). I have not been able to find answers to these concerns by searching online, and I was wondering what you and your readers know about all of this. Thanks much.


Microsoft announced at the consumer electronics show that their popular Windows Live Messenger application was being retired. Messenger, for those who don’t know, was an application for Windows Live and Hotmail users which allowed people to communicate from computer to computer via text and video. Microsoft has started informing all of its Messenger users to use Skype, a Microsoft owned company, to continue communicating.

Skype, which was purchased by Microsoft in 2011, offers free instant messaging, voice & video chat and file transferring between it’s over 250 million users. Skype also allows calling to landline phones & calling and texting to cellular phones from your computer for a much lower per-minute fee then a traditional phone company. Microsoft has been making extensive back-end changes in the Skype service to make the transition as painless as possible for Windows Messenger users.

If you are a current Hotmail or Windows Live user you can download Skype here [1] and sign-in with your Microsoft account and you’ll go guided through a brief process of moving your contacts and information to Skype. This change only affects Windows Live Messenger, the other Windows Live services such as Hotmail, Live Mail, SkyDrive and others are unaffected and will remain working as they always have.

For more information visit Microsoft’s Live Messenger page by clicking here [2].