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Microsoft Offers Critical Security Patch For IE 8

Microsoft releases Windows patches on the second Tuesday of each month. As part of May’s “Patch Tuesday,” they offered fixes for 33 separate security bugs in ten patches for programs such as Internet Explorer and Word.

Most importantly, they released a fix to the Internet Explorer zero day vulnerability that was used to target the Department of Labor earlier this month. 

Patches were issued for three vulnerabilities that could effect all versions of Internet Explorer. These flaws could allow hackers to take control of your system if you view specially crafted websites or result in denial of service attacks. Fixes for similar vulnerabilities were also offered for Microsoft Publisher and Microsoft Word.

Along with the security patches, Microsoft will also offer fixes for non-security issues with Surface and Surface Pro tablets.

Among the patches offered:

MS13-037 [1] and MS13-038 [2] – both offering critical patches to fix flaws in Internet Explorer.

MS130-39 [3], which addresses a flaw in Internet Explorer that could allow denial of service attacks.

MS13-045 [4] – fixes an issue in Windows Essentials that could allow information disclosure.

If you’re set up for automatic Windows Updates, these patches should be pushed to you. If not, you’ll need to type Windows Updates in your search box in your Start Menu or Start Page (depending on which version of Windows you use.) Then click on Windows Updates.

 A window will open and let you now if there are any updates available that haven’t been installed on your computer. It will also tell you if they are important or option and when updates were last installed on your computer.

You can then click on the updates for more information and decide whether or not you wish to install them.

If an update is defined at Critical ort Important, it’s probably a good idea to install it.

~ Cynthia