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Microsoft Promises To Restock Surface Pro After Shortage

Microsoft threw a massive launch for Surface Pro tablets on Saturday and then forgot to bring the products. Angry consumers found the product sold out early on in the day at Staples and Best Buy and out of stock online at those retailers and Mircrosoft’s online store.

Disappointed shoppers let Microsoft have it on social media, accusing the company of causing a shortage on purpose to make the product appear in demand.

I was one of those unhappy consumers, turned away at stores where sales associates explained apologetically that they’d only been shipped one or two of the 128 GB devices and those were gone within an hour of opening.

Now, Microsoft General Manager Panos Panay says those devices will be restocked by Saturday February 16. He Tweeted that the company will ship more of the 64GB models to Best Buy, Staples and Microsoft Stores by Saturday. The 128 GB models will be shipped to Best Buy and Microsoft Stores.

As of Tuesday February 12, The Surface Pro was out of stock online at Best Buy, Staples and Microsoft’s online stores.

 ~ Cynthia