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Microsoft Security Essentials Beta

MS security Essentials

Just yesterday, Microsoft launched its newest attempt at securing Windows PCs. The product, called Microsoft Security Essentials, will be a free set of basic security tools and A/V software for windows users. This software package is not intended to be the only security software on a pc, but instead a set of tools that will provide basic protection if a computer does not have a full featured security suite. Currently, MS Security Essentials is in beta testing. As of now, MS is not accepting new users, but intends on opening testing to more users as time passes.

While this set of tools may seem like a great idea, many security experts and PC technicians (such as myself) feel that this could backfire on MS. As I mentioned above, MS Security Essentials is not a full featured security suite. If MS does not make this clear to users, they may feel that this set of tools is all they need to secure their computers. This could lead to more infections in the long run if users do not look into a full featured system and opt to only use the MS Security Essentials package.

Microsoft’s Security Essentials will include basic antivirus and basic malware protection. What it will NOT include is advanced virus scanning, comprehensive firewall, PC tune up tools and Real time Malware protection. Without these more advanced tools, PC users could still be left at risk. While having these basic tools is a great idea for short term protection, MS will hopefully explain that more advanced protection should be used.

If you would like to read more about the Microsoft Security Essentials package, you can visit the beta website here: http://www.microsoft.com/security_essentials/resources.aspx

Until next time, stay safe out there!