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Microsoft To Fast Track Security Updates For Windows Store

Microsoft says it is putting a priority on providing up-to-date security patches for applications purchased from the Windows App Store. 

Mike Reavey, senior director of the Microsoft Security Response Center said they plan to deliver the security updates as soon as they become available for both apps purchased through the Windows Store and apps such as Mail, which come pre-installed on Windows 8 and Windows RT. He says the goal is to have a “Quick, transparent and painless security update process.”

The company hopes more frequent updates will allow them to improve security, fix bugs and add new features to applications. Microsoft will issue a security update with each new  patch release. Apps are an integral part of Windows 8, though there have been complaints about the quantity and quality of apps available in the Microsoft Store.

Microsoft usually releases security patches and updates on Patch Tuesday, the second Tuesday of each month, but says important patches will be made available immediately.

~ Cynthia