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Microsoft’s December update, it’s critical

Microsoft’s December update, it’s critical

Last Tuesday, like they do every second Tuesday of the month, Microsoft rolled out their new security patch. Microsoft uses the rating “critical “ to describe the severity of this month’s new MS Security Update and recommends that all XP users perform this update immediately.

It seems that the Microsoft Security Bulletin MS05-054 focuses on the fixing of four different vulnerabilities that both IE 6 and 5.5 suffer from. Two of these exploits allow an attacker to run remote code on the affected system.

There is another IE vulnerability that allows a specially crafted websites using Java Script to write arbitrary code to your system. If your system does become infiltrated by an attack then your system will yield full system access with administrators’ rights to the attacker. This vulnerability was the reason December’s security update received a “critical” severity rating.

This month Microsoft also included an update in light of this entire Sony DRM software nightmare. If you remember the Root kit that Sony was installing with some of its music titles, created by digital rights protection company first4net, left your system vulnerable. An uninstall fix was provided, however, the uninstall procedure was worse then the root kit and left your system even more vulnerable than before. Well, not to worry because the December Security update MS provided makes this a thing of the past because once this new patch is installed it is impossible to run the DRM uninstaller.

So if you haven’t updated in a week or two then you might want to go out to Microsoft’s website and perform an update. It’ll keep you safe until the next thing comes around.

Stay safe out there.
~Chad Stelnicki