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Mind Lab

Are you ready to explore visual illusions and how your consciousness is connected to the world around you? If so, click start to begin your journey. It should open in a new window and you’ll click start again.

To navigate the site, mouse-over the four squares on the page – this will show you which lesson is which. Click the lesson of your choice to dive in. At any time that you want to turn the sound off just click Sound Off beneath the application, you’ll also find the Main Menu button if you need to use it to go back to the main page.

Session 1: Illusion of an Uninterrupted World – here you will discover how to test your eyes and what they perceive. Did you know that everyone has a blind spot and that your brain automatically compensates for it? Do you know what a saccade is? Did you know that your brain actually sees still frames and fills in the gaps to create continuous movement? Well that is what you will discover here through four different trials with multiple exercises that you can try out to see for yourself how it works.

Session 2: Constructing a 3-D World from 2-D images – in this section you’ll learn how the brain interprets the world, and how visual illusions exist because of this. Here you’ll be able to explore another four trials that I have to admit I found fascinating. Especially Trial 8 – it shows you how shadows really affect our perception of things.

Session 3: Visual Interpretation of the Physical World – here you’ll explore how color works, as well as how things can appear to be different shapes and sizes.  Again you get four trials to explore how it works. It is funny that they do the grey square and shadow illusion – I just saw that on YouTube the other day and was very curious how they could be the same color but be perceived as darker and lighter, so it was very cool to figure it out.

Session 4: Perception Beyond Sensory Input – here you get to really explore illusions of colors and shapes, as well as moving figures. There are another four trials. I really liked the trial let you manipulate what you saw by turning off moving dots. I thought that was very well done.

This site is an awesome way to explore how and why illusions work, as well as discover how your brain and vision works together to allow us to see things.

What are you waiting for? Check it out today!

http://jvsc.jst.go.jp/find/mindlab/english/index.html [1]