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Minimize Open Windows in Windows 7

When working on a PC, it’s easy to wind up with lots of open windows. They clutter up your PC and affect your work flow. Sometimes it’s better to minimize the windows you’re not using and work on one at a time. Windows 7 provides many shortcuts to accomplish that goal.

To explain these techniques, I divided them in two categories. The first is to minimize all the windows except the one on which you are working. The second is to minimize all the windows.

Minimize All Inactive Windows

Aero Shake: Aero Shake is an advanced technique available in Windows 7. Select the window in which you are working, left click on its top pane, and shake your mouse so that the window also shakes. All the opened windows, except the one you are shaking instantly disappear. This feature is available only in Home Premium, Professional, Ultimate, and Enterprise editions of Windows 7.

Win + home: Don’t have Aero Shake feature on your Windows 7 PC? You can accomplish the same thing with a keyboard shortcut. Press Win + Home on your keyboard simultaneously. You’ll notice that all the other windows except the one on which you are working disappear. If your computer doesn’t have the Aero shake feature, or a Home key, you might want to try WinShake, which you can get here [1].

Minimize All Windows

Win + D: Let’s say want to minimize all opened windows. In that case, you can use a Windows 7 desktop shortcut Win + D. Press the Windows Key and D key simultaneously and all windows will minimize. Now press Win+D again to maximize all the windows and it will take you to the previous state.

Show Desktop In windows 7

There is a show desktop button at the bottom right side, at the end of taskbar (next to the Windows clock). If you hover your mouse pointer over that button, all the open windows become transparent and you can preview your desktop without minimizing any window. When you click on this button, it will minimize all the windows instantly. Clicking it again will bring all the windows back up.

So these are four useful methods for minimizing windows on Windows 7.

~Himanshu Yadav