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Miro Video Converter – Convert Video For Free

Do you have any video files on your computer that you would love to have on your mobile phone, tablet, video game console or other device, but the device doesn’t support the format the video is in?

Miro Video Converter is a near-perfect piece of software to convert your existing video files for use on all of these devices:

How does it work? Simply download and install Miro Video Converter from the web and follow the installation prompts. Once you’ve opened the program, you will be presented with a screen to either drag a video file to or click “choose a file” to locate the video using the traditional windows explorer interface.

Once you’ve selected a file, the file name will appear in the box and you can select which device to convert it for. Select the device from the drop down menu and click convert.

Once you click convert, the program will begin converting your video file and show you a progress bar. Once the process has completed, the program will show you Finished converting and show you the name of the new file with a link to “Show File” which opens the file in windows explorer.

This program took a 74.6 megabyte video ad Steve did, converted it into iPhone 4 native format and shrunk it down to 16.4 megabytes. This means the iPhone will play it without any special app and the file size is optimized so I can fit more videos on to my phone.

What’s not to love? Well, not much. If I had to nitpick, it doesn’t have an extensive list of devices, so sometimes you may have to choose the “nearest” correct device and see if it works. But for free? It can’t be beat.

You can download Micro Video Converter for FREE by clicking here [1].