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Missing Vista Recycle Bin

I had yet another distressed Worldstart reader contact me yesterday to tell me that their recycle bin had pulled a Harry Houdini and escaped from their desktop. This is worrisome, to say the least, but, as always, there is a solution. Actually, there are a couple of solutions depending on your Operating System, so let’s get to them!

In Windows Vista and 7, RightClick on your Desktop to bring up the Personalize Appearance and Sounds window.

Click “Change Desktop Icons


From here, you’ll see a list of check boxes, one of which being the Recycle Bin. If it’s not checked, then do so and hit Apply.


You should now have your Recycle Bin icon back of your desktop!

If you happen to be a Windows XP user, click here. That tip should help you get your XP Recycle Bin back where it belongs.