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Modern Laptop Batteries

Recently, Worldstart ran a tip on laptops concerning the dangers of keeping them plugged in for too long. Corrections are in order, I feel, and although some of the information found in the article holds true, I’d like to take the time to explain a key point with more detail.


On the topic of batteries exploding or being ruined form being plugged in too long.
Don’t break out the bomb suit just yet. While there has been cases in the past of laptop batteries exploding in the past, this was put down to faulty hardware and not overcharging. Most, if not all modern laptops can be left plugged in for as long as you like with no danger of combusting.

As far as ruining your battery from overcharging. Most modern laptops will stop the charging process once the battery is full and switch over to a plugged in state where the battery no longer continues to charge. Once again, this is a feature of modern hardware, so if you have an older system you might want to check the manufacturers website to see if the model you’re using is in any danger from staying plugged in.

Hope this helps!