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Monday’s Test

Welcome to the OldGuy’s Monday Morning test. The test is 11 questions long and then you calculate your results. How will you fare against these logical questions bright and early in the morning?

To be honest I failed miserably the first time, because I wasn’t quite in the right frame of mind. But I had a great laugh out of my failing to be logical about it.

Each question has a drop down list for you to select the answer from. There is even the option to say that you don’t know. So pick the answer you think is right for each question and then click the “Get Your Result!!” button at the bottom of the screen.

It will give your score, your rating, and the correct answers (if you guessed incorrectly.) Then if you like, you can scroll down to the bottom of the page and click “Move on to other things…” and check out some very funny cartoons that are computer related.

http://www.mts.net/~oldguy/montest.html [1]