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Monet 2010

I can remember vividly falling in love with Monet’s art in my first French class during my sophomore year of high school. The cover of our text book had a picture of Monet’s “Waterlilies” on it, along with Seurat’s “Sunday in the Park”, the French Flag, and snapshots of the people of France. I’ve loved Impressionism ever since, so when I stumbled upon this site  I knew I had to share it with you.  

Warning – the site may take a long time to load, but it is completely worth it. The site also plays music – a piano composition – and that’s how I know it’s loaded, although you can turn it off by clicking the music note at the very bottom right side of the page. 

Once the site loads, you have three paths you can take. They are Gallery, Journey, and Practical Informations. I would highly recommend that you click Journey and go on a special digital experience through Monet’s work. 

Journey – once it loads, pull the glass jar down so that it spills to begin your trip. Through the spilled inky water, Monet’s art will start appearing. If you get stuck at any point in your journey, look at the top right of the page for instructions on how to move forward – it’s completely interactive! At any time throughout your journey you can also click on See the Picture You Have Viewed to check out the art that you’ve seen more closely. Or, if you get tired, (don’t want to wait for it to load) you can head back to the main page with the Return to Homepage link at the top left of the page. I thought it was well worth the wait though.

Gallery – if you’d like a more traditional journey, or just want to skip right to the art, check out the Gallery, which features the art of Monet divided up by the year of the work. Click the series you’d like to check out more fully by clicking on a painting. What I adore about checking the art out in this way, is that you get to read about the time period it was created in, the technique used, and get tons of Monet facts.

Practical Informations (I’m guessing the extra “S” is a translation error) – explains what the exhibit is about, what the online portion is attempting to do, and where the event was held.

This is a fun and inventive digital journey that allows you to experience Monet’s artwork in a unique way. Check it out today! 

http://www.monet2010.com/en [1]